Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roller Derby in 3,691 photos and 4 minutes...

Despite the fact that the Colts were playing last night, there was still a pretty good turnout for the first roller derby bout of 2010. Special thanks to all the fans that came in their colts Jerseys; it means a lot to the girls that the Fans are that loyal. My photos of the bout can be found here.

Ever wonder what it takes to put on a Roller Derby bout in the Pepsi Coliseum?

This video is 4ish minutes long, and is made out of 3,691 still frames shot by a Nikon D2Xs camera on an Interval remote release timer set to fire a frame every ten seconds starting at 11:30AM and 9:54PM the day of the New Year's Smear. You probably want to click the video to take you to youtube so you can see it much larger and maybe even HD. A lot more goes into putting on a Roller Derby bout than most people think though...

More Soon.


  1. Dude, that was AWESOME! Thanks for thinking of doing that. I've shown everyone I know. Great work.

  2. This is really amazing, I will be sharing this far and wide with all the roller derby people I know!

  3. THIS is just way too much fun. I forwarded the link en masse :)

  4. Very cool. If you synced it with LCD Soundsystem's "all my friends" I'm pretty sure the song would make a nice soundtrack