Monday, March 8, 2010

The Judge...

I stumbled across this online and felt compelled to post it. This is an increasing problem anymore with how cheap the Digital Rebel series of camera is. You find people with D3000's and Digital Rebel's that claim to be professionals, expecting professional rates, but not always providing professional quality work.

Normally I would be upset as to how the judge handled this situation, not giving the photographer a chance to explain herself. As a professional though, the terms he is throwing out there are too specific to be random chance. If you ask my opinion he knows his stuff. He specifically asks about the 1D series camera, the 5D series camera, the 7D series camera and then asks again why they are selling "Professional" photography using a Digital Rebel..... He even asks about lens speeds, specifically mentioning fast glass such as the 28-70mm.

As a professional, I can understand if someone is just getting into the game and can't afford a D3 or 1D series body, but these ladies claim that they have shot hundreds of weddings. Check it out and leave your opinion in the comments.


  1. I can't believe you made me watch a Judge Joe Brown clip. Ah.. I've seen gals just like this at weddings and then f-up the couples' package. Back about 4-5 years ago, a friend of my wife had this happen. I went out to my car, got a few pieces of gear, and salvaged their portraits, their leaving the church, and their reception. I knew what was happening during the event and they didn't know the mess until a couple months later.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

  2. That was awesome, but really true. Just because I know how to take a picture doesn't mean I'd go off and charge people; Or even take on a wedding. My Nikon film loaded camera could have shot better photos and I only have two college photo classes under my belt. Awesome stuff mark.

  3. I agree with everything he said. The funniest part of this type of stuff is the kind of money that these people charge for subpar work and have blinders on to what is actual professional work and quality editing. Did you see that wreath of flowers border? Bleh.

  4. I'll echo what I would say in the music expensive, high-quality guitar doesn't make you a good musician.
    Plenty of talented photographers are out there who don't have the bank-roll, trust funds, or means to afford higher-end gear. This photographer though, has no excuse. I can get past the fact that she uses a Canon Rebel system and passes herself off as a "professional" photographer. She had no composition. She seemingly set the camera to "auto" for the pictures. If you're going to use low/mid-grade gear for profit, you better learn all the tricks in post-processing to clean up your images.
    There was nothing great about her pictures. Were they passable? To some yes. To others, no. It's speculative. I wasn't impressed. I could take better pictures on my Canon G10.

  5. I love my original Rebel and haven't replaced it because I don't claim to be a pro. I'm a talented hobbyist. I've watched as less experienced photographers shot my friends' weddings and I'm usually hanging out in the wings to keep shooting what they miss. It's how I enjoy a wedding. I'm not perfect but I catch some great stuff. I have vision, guts and an art degree to make me legit but I wouldn't claim to have $1,500 worth of experience or equipment.